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If I must say so myself, Frictional Games picked one of the greatest working game titles ever. Calling the game Unknown will create all sorts of confusion on the search engines and make for great conversations, in which someone will say “Have you heard of that Unknown game?” and the reply will be, “There’s a lot of unknown games.” to which the conversation will repeat with, “Yeah, but there’s only one Unknown game.” Let the confusion ensue!

According to the press release, “We have expanded the engine to include tools for testing, creating and editing levels.” It goes on to say, “The tools are used during the production of the game and are also going to be part of the final release, allowing for end-user content creation.”

The game will supposedly be in the same vein as Penumbra Overture, featuring all kinds of hidden-horror, pop-out moments and dearth-ridden environments. The game is still heavy into development and sadly only engine screens and teaser footage is available (which very much means that it’s nothing of interest for gamers).

Unknown is due out in the second-quarter of 2010. You can learn more by visiting the Official Website. For more gaming news, info, insight or updates, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.

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