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There’s no better way to make headlines these days than by announcing that a new game is coming out for the defunct Sega Dreamcast. Well, TDGMods announced today that a new Sega Dreamcast and PC title is on the way called Hypertension and it’s a remake of the classic PC shooter, Blood.

According to the press release…
For the first time since the initial releases in 1997 and 1998, see inspiration from the classic first-person-shooter Blood completely reimagined into a new and original title by TDGMods for a new generation with releases on a number of formats from the PC to the classic SEGA Dreamcast!

A list of new features have been announced for the game including some of the weapons present in the game, such as shotguns, pistols and pitchforks, as well as original stuff like voodoo dolls, syringes, or oil cans and lighters. In all honesty, though, this game is like a Troma flick for the new generation of gamers; tons of blood and gore and no regrets.

The new trailer and some of the game features can be viewed below. Hypertension is due out in early 2010 for PC, Mac and the Sega Dreamcast.

Hypertension Features

• Operates off the Hyper3dge engine, an extension of the original EDGE engine derived from the source code for Doom and includes dynamic lighting and the Build Engine for environmental interactivity along with other modified technologies.

• Take control of two different characters separated between an entire century of time, each with varying styles of gameplay – a new character, Aurelia, from the year 2028, is a novice mage that uses unique means to defend herself, while returning Blood character Caleb, from the year 1928, relies on firearms and melee weaponry to charge into fights.

• Enjoy RPG elements interjected with the classic FPS gameplay – collect money in the game world to purchase more health, build up weapons, pick up alcohol and cigarettes or even bribe NPC characters. Players will also encounter objectives to accomplish in order to continue progression in the game and talking to various people will lead to information necessary to carry out your objective.

• Watch the story unfold with a variety of styles including in-panel cuscenes, live-action video, computer-generated effects, stop-motion photography and more.

• Encounter all of the original enemies from Blood along with brand new enemies made specifically for Hypertension.

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