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Throughout the year of 2010 it was hard for gamers not to hear about a certain hardcore, free-to-play MMO called Vindictus. Despite the hype, the praise and the positive word of mouth, Vindictus wasn’t the game that put Nexon over the top when it came to fourth quarter revenues…oh no. In a recent press release Nexon indicated that the initial surge in revenues finishing up 2010 came from the long running casual MMO, Maple Story.

Daniel Kim, Nexon America’s CEO commented in the press release regarding the financial torrent of positivity for Nexon, saying…
“It was a tremendous fourth quarter and year for Nexon and MapleStory’s Big Bang had a lot to do with it,”... “Nexon has perfected a formula for gameplay with a business model that attracts players and keeps them loyal. Players don’t have to pay a cent to enjoy Nexon’s games, but our players who do pay to enhance their gameplay experience tend to spend more than the typical social gamer or subscription-based game player.”

I once knew a guy who would put about $300 a month into a cash shop for a recent MMO because he wanted to out-DPS one of the strongest classes on the game with a hybrid build. Is that not crazy or what? Well, actually it makes perfect sense and that’s why Nexon is flourishing. Gamers can spend what they have when they have it, when they want to with the microtransaction policy. The whole subscription-based thing is too expensive and caters toward the gamer who doesn’t really play much of anything else throughout the month, and Nexon recognized this early on.

The company has been updating their games rather frequently with both free-to-use and cash shop oriented game content that usually sees a resurgence in players coming back to check the game out or put a few dollar bills into the cash shop, which is exactly what happened with Maple Story’s Big Bang add-on, which seen a whopping 136,000 players logged into the game last year in mid December.

Nexon isn’t slowing down, though, they’re planning on releasing Dragon Nest sometime in 2011, which is an action-oriented MMORPG. You can learn more about the games and the company by visiting the Official Website.

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