If you were afraid to jump into APB: Reloaded for fear of security concerns or maybe you just didn't like that it was from a free-to-play publisher, well there's no reason to continue to pamper those fears as GamersFirst has announced that APB: Reloaded is now available on Steam, which magically makes it more secure and more brand name.

Not too long ago G1 announced that APB: Reloaded would be making use of Steamworks, allowing gamers to integrate their Steam profiles into APB: Reloaded's login system. Well now, gamers can keep the game up to date via the Steam client.

Rahul Sandil, SVP of marketing and business development for GamersFirst commented in the press release, saying...
“GamersFirst is and always will be focused on our community, and being able to deliver the truly unique gaming experience that APB Reloaded offers to Steam subscribers only strengthens that commitment,” ... “Steam and GamersFirst share a common passion for authentic gaming experiences and dedication to delivering the very best entertainment possible to the PC platform.”

It definitely makes it easier to keep track of the game if majority of your PC titles are located on Steam. You can now just load up Steam with the game automatically updating itself and then you can hop right into San Paro without worrying about installing or downloading additional clients.

The game is also scheduled to re-release back onto retail shelves for $19.99, containing premium content, special items and customized vehicles. You can learn more about the open-world MMO by paying a visit to the Official Website or cueing it up in Steam if you want to hop right into the action.

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