One of the best parts about Saints Row 2, Just Cause and Saints Row: The Third was being able to car surf. It never worked so well in GTA games but it was a blast in Volition Software and Avalanche Studios' open-world titles. Well, guess what other open-world title will have car surfing? If you guessed GTA V you guessed wrong.

Reloaded Productions announced today some of the cool upcoming items, skills, abilities and goodies in store for APB: Reloaded, the player-customization heavy cops versus robbers MMO.

As noted on the official blog...
Now that Halloween is out of the way, it’s time to talk about ABP Reloaded v 10 (aka 1.10.0), which will appear in the next few weeks. This is New Breed Part 3, and introduces two new T5 contacts, "Birth" and "Templeton," which will be available to anyone that has completed the two boss contacts from their faction’s organisations.

Birth and Templeton bring with them a large number of goodies that players can unlock through pledging and completing missions with them. Along with a selection of vehicles, presets and Capacity increases, they also bring a number of new modifications and weapons to the table.

Some of the new mods for characters include being able to car surf. That should be absolutely hilarious and I can't wait to see how that's going to turn out in the final game. Grab a glimpse of it below.

Additional features includes a new weapon magnification modification that you can attach to weapons to get extra zoom. Flak jacket is for those who want to be able to absorb explosive damage while suffering the lack of being able to house extra explosives, and the Fragile mod enables your character to run really fast at the expense of health. It's certainly not good against sniping weapons but at least you'll be able to dance out of the way of sniper fire.

Version 10 is set for release within the next few weeks and will be a great hold-me-off until the Asylum district is done and finished and ready for deployment.

You can learn more by paying a visit to the newly updated blog post, or you can start the lengthy download process right now by grabbing the game for free from Steam.

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