If you’re looking to add a little action movie flair to your standard military first-person shooter diet, then you might want to jump in the open beta for free-to-play online shooter, Absolute Force. Developer NetDragon have announced that, now that the beta has gone live, a number of updates and a brand new map are coming quickly down the pipeline.

Absolute Force takes the standard realistic shooting genre and adds in some fun, over-the-top additions that allow players to feel like they’re blasting their way through an action movie rather than World War III. Here’s a quick look at the game, then we’ll get to those updates.

Now that Absolute Force is moving steadily through its beta phase, NetDragon has announced that there will be new holiday and special event weapons added to the game, as well as a “Spring Festival” themed map. Players can also expect new “Heroes” to take control of, as well as a deeper customization suite that lets you deck out your gun in new paintjobs as well as tune your character with new faces, hair styles, skins, tattoos, etc. A character development system is also being implemented in an upcoming update, allowing players to earn special titles, earn in-game achievements and add bonuses to the various weapons.

For those who enjoy a change of scenery, a new Spring Festival map is also inbound, giving you the chance to kill with style in a whole new, decidedly lest industrial locale.

Finally, the Absolute Force’s Zombie Mode is getting a shot in the arm in the form of two new enemy types, including werewolves and zombies. When you’re tired of pumping bullets into digital humans, you can now jump into a map overflowing with monstrous baddies just waiting to be filled with lead.

For more details or to get in on the beta in time to learn the ropes of Absolute Force before these latest additions get added, head to the game’s official website.

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