Dark Motif has released a new tech demo for the upcoming game, Adam Syndrome. The team based in Tel Aviv, Israel is looking for publisher backing for their point-and-click, noir adventure game that sees a certain Adam Reed looking to unfold and uncover the mystery surrounding his wife's untimely death. The video is a simple scene walkthrough to showcase the power and capabilities of Dark Motif's new game engine.

Running on the Wintermute Engine, Adam Syndrome employs a lot of the latest in visual technical design, including the very standard-fare real-time lighting, water effects, reflections, shadowing and more. It's kind of hard to get a complete grasp on how much the engine offers based on a single scene, but there are additional screenshots available to help flesh out what gamers and publishers can expect from the Wintermute Engine. Check it out below.

I especially liked the sort of contemporary art-deco city. It reminded me a lot of Dark City meets Immortal Ad Vitam meets Christian Volckman's Renaissance. If the rest of the game has a similar feel then that could go a long way in establishing the Adam Syndrome as a historical player in the adventure, point and click genre.

While the tech demo was very mute for anyone who doesn't understand what the team was trying to sell, it would be nice to see an adventure game do a bit more on the visual front to help tell a story the way some newer RPGs have done.

There's no telling if Dark Motif will be fully funded by a publisher but you can at least keep up to date on the progress of Adam Syndrome by visiting the Official Website.

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