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Aeria Games, now serving up to 35 million gamers, is continuing to show growth and moving their company forward with their brand new mobile games division. The line-up of titles that will start rolling out soon has officially been unveiled.

Originally, Aeria announced that they would be starting a mobile division back in the summer of 2011, letting the public know that they would be hiring developers and seeking out talent to help expand their mobile division.

Today, Aeria Games has announced that mobile versions of Eden Eternal, TuffTanks and Armygeddon will mark the company's nascence into mobile gaming.

Lan Hoang, CEO of Aeria Games commented in the press release saying...
“Our new Aeria Mobile division allows the 35 million core players that love our games to extend their multiplayer online experience onto mobile devices,” ... “We will bring the Aeria Games experience to both new players and existing fans in the fast-growing but underserved mobile core gaming arena.”

The games will be designed with touch-screens and accelerometers in mind, with titles like Eden Eternal: Monster Arena offering gamers anime-based gameplay with a mix of a shooter-RPG to diversify the gameplay for both casual and core audiences.

Tuff Tanks is a turn-based military artillery shooter that allows for up to eight people to battle it out in both competitive and cooperative arenas, similar to that old-school fan-favorite Scorched Earth. Armygeddon is also a turn-based game but it's more on the line of being an old-school military turn-based RPG similar to games like Advanced Wars.

Further details on Aeria Games' mobile division will be released in the coming weeks. The company plans that after their initial mobile line-up goes live that they will be able to produce anywhere between one and two games per month for mobile devices and platforms.

For further information on Aeria Games be ure to pay a visit their Official Website.

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