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A high-def remake of real-time strategy Age of Empires 2 is coming to the PC. Microsoft has announced that Age of Empires 2 HD Edition will be exclusively available through Steam starting next month.

The remake updates the original with 1080p visuals. The revamped engine allows for better lighting and textures. You can see the new graphics in the trailer below.

AoE2: HD features the content from both the base game and its Conquerors expansion. Players will take on the role of various world civilizations and guide them to victory in 18 campaigns. The game also features online competitive play.

The game's Steamworks features include achievements, leaderboards and cloud saves. Furthermore, players can create their own content and then share it through the Steam Workshop. Steam Workshop allows users to rate other users' content, ensuring that the best creations are most visible to others.

Age of Empires 2 HD Edition will hit Steam on April 9th. Pre-purchasing the game will allow you to start playing on the 5th. Additionally, pre-purchase customers will get the game at a 10% discount.