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Have you always wanted to make your own, good looking kung-fu master? One with a respectable moustache and a fancy haircut? Have you longed for a character to replicate the old kung-fu classics of the yesteryear but in an MMO? Well, Age of Wushu offers you such an opportunity and a new video trailer shows off the feature in great detail.

Snail Games plans to publish Age of Wushu here in North America where-as gPotato will be publishing the game over in Europe. The game itself it's an awesome mix of string-fu concepts from titles such as Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon or Jet Li's Hero, while at the same time offering gamers an atmospheric and environmentally engaging story surrounding the quest to become the best.

The video below doesn't get into all the details and whatnot involving the kung-fu and the awesome martial arts available in the game, however it does give gamers a nice precedent of what kind of character creation will be at their disposal. Check it out below.

I'm totally excited about Age of Wushu because it's a different kind of martial arts game that we don't usually get in the world of MMOs. I'm glad the developers have taken the time to not only make a beautifully designed game but also one with a few unique gameplay concepts, such as instead of having classes you learn skills by traveling to different martial arts schools, which is neat.

You can learn more by paying a visit to the Official Website. Age of Wushu is due out later this year here in North America.

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