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One of the most highly anticipated MMOs in just about every country outside of America is Age of Wulin, known over here in North America as Age of Wushu. While gPotato will be publishing the game over in the European territories, Snail Games has announced that they will publish the game over here in the U.S.

One of the the things that really makes the game standout is that as mentioned, there are no traditional levels, no traditional classes and no traditional grinding involved. The game is more-so a skill-based MMO where players will travel throughout the game world to learn multiple forms of kung-fu from over eight different schools of kung-fu. What's more is that the game has 30 offline activities for your character to perform as an NPC. So, you can log-off while your character stands on top of a mountain performing a traditional kata.

A brief gameplay teaser was released to give gamers an idea of what to expect from the game visually and aesthetically. Check it out below.

What's more -- and something that wasn't readily shown off in the video -- is that flying around and aerial combat play a big part in the game's design, very similar to the string-fu fight sequences from movies like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The game even has some of the most engaging looking environments in an MMO date and players are encouraged to run, fly and scale the locations unlike any other MMO before it.

Shi Hai, CEO and founder of Snail Games commented in the press release, saying...
“We are ecstatic to finally be able to announce this title in the USA. After many years of research and development, Age of Wushu has been the number one anticipated online game in China for over two years now and we hope to garner the same excitement in the States,”

I wish we actually had more mainstream console games like this. Nevertheless, at least we're getting a game that pays a nice homage to classic Chinese mythology and the era of Wuxia. Fighting technique and style will play a big part in how battles are handled in the game, closer to a traditional fighting game rather than a typical point-and-grind MMO.

Hopefully the character creation is varied enough and the content robust enough to allow for an enjoyable play-through up until the end-game. Be sure to stay tuned in for further news regarding the game or visit the Official Website to sign-up for news updates regarding Age of Wushu.