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Oh man, this is one cool trailer. Snail Games released a promo video for the upcoming Age of Wushu promoting the various schools of kung fu trailer. We get to see shaolin, wu dang, tai chi and a brief tease on the drunken master style. If you've been a fan of kung fu classic cinema and you've been longing for an MMO where you finally get to say “Ahaha, your kung fu is lousy!” then Age of Wushu is that game for you.

The game enables players to either pledge to one of the eight schools of martial arts or mix and match technique and schools by traveling around and participating in various training sessions. The motion capture for the game is simply gorgeous and I love how they really capture the art and beauty of the traditional martial arts. But don't let my words persuade you on the matter, get a glimpse of the game for yourself with the trailer below.

The technique on display so great. I love it so much.

I'm still a bit leery about whether this game will have appropriate dodging/blocking/counter maneuvers available, but I imagine we'll find out soon enough as the game continues to blast through its beta phases.

If you're interested in the game and you want to learn more, see more and experience more, feel free to register right now by paying a visit to the official website.