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Spicy Horse Games has taken to Kickstarter. The independent game studio wants to finish their game Akaneiro: Demon Hunters without the traditional help of a publisher and their ARPG is already 20% funded after a few days doing a few marketing campaigns across major gaming sites on their digital crowd-funding tour.

I'm not going to waste time trying to pitch the Kickstarter to readers, that's the whole point of the video below, but what I will say is that Akaneiro: Demon Hunters takes everything we love about ARPGs and combines it with traditional Japanese folklore. Imagine Otogi and Diablo coming together, making sweet, sweet love in the back alley of a demon infested village and then they had a really kick-butt kid and named it Akaneiro...that's the best way to describe the game without actually having to waste words describing it. Check it out in the video below.

I'm actually more excited about the game now than I was before. The rundown of the features looks sweet and the whole loot grind – assuming it's a legitimate loot grind and not a fake loot grind like in Diablo III – looks like it be a real promising element to the game. The mix-and-match skill trees across the various classes is also a welcomed change to many other games out there. This tactic is also used in RaiderZ and I absolutely love it. So technically Akaneiro has all the makings of becoming a sleeper hit amongst core gamers if it's executed right.

If you're digging the game and it's potential then feel free to show Spicy Horse some support and visit their Kickstarter page for further information.