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Oftentimes referred to as the free-to-play version of World of Warcraft with spaceships, Allods Online has officially left open beta and is now considered done and finished. The new content patch to commemorate the completion of the game is called the Astral Odyssey and it’s big enough to be a game in itself.

The Astral Odyssey patch contains new astral sectors that contain new nodes, which contain new allods. If you were never a fan of the lengthy astral ship trips that required all that thinking, strategy and planning to get from one allod to the next or one sector to the next, then you can settle for exploring some of the new isles added to the game.

Brand new end-game content has also been added and with it comes a raised level cap, new armor, a new set of items that are beyond Legendary and some snazzy new vanity clothes, too. Of course, there’s way too much content to list here but if you’re curious about jumping into one of the biggest MMOs released in the past five years, be sure to check it out for free over at the Official Allods Online Website.