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Gala Network and Astrum Nival sent out word that the big-budget, highly anticipated astral-ship MMORPG, Allods Online, will enter closed-beta this week. A few select players will be able to participate in the closed-beta as the team brushes up on the bugs and hammers out the glitches.

According to the press release…
Once granted access to the beta, players from English, French and German communities will be able to enter the unique server, named “Isa” after the homeland of the Gibberling race. Testers will be able to play up to level 19 on both League and Empire sides, with no race or class restrictions.

The good news is that those who are eligible to participate will get to see what the game is like before anyone else. Crafting your very own astral air-ship is pretty cool and hiring on a crew (consisting of players) to help navigate and run the ship is awesome, too. The bad news is that once this phase of closed-beta is done all character data will be wiped. So try not to get too attached if you do happen to play.

Want to participate in the closed-beta of Allods Online? Just head on over to the Beta Test Page to register for a key. For more information on Allods Online be sure to visit the Official Website.