Anyone who played Allods Online past level 15 knows of a little something called “Fear of Death”. Often abbreviated as FoD, this terrible thing makes fighting anything nearly impossible as long as it’s activated. Astrum Nival has heard the pleas of gamers and have decided to get rid of FoD in the upcoming patch. Speaking of the patch, 1.1 is expected to go live July 7th.

According to the news posting…
With the help from player feedback, the developers have decided to remove the Fear of Death penalty in order to opt for a much less obtrusive and mundane death penalty system. It’s a challenge to create a death penalty system that penalizes a player appropriately according to risk, level, and skill. However, we believe that Patch 1.1 has accomplished that with the introduction of a new death penalty in Allods called the Cursed Items system.

So what’s the cursed item system? Basically, one of your items might end up with reversed stats. Yeah, that’s bogus. Nevertheless, the more hardcore you are the bigger your chance of getting a downside on your Epic or Legendary gear.

The new Revelations of Gipat expansion also adds in mounts, new allods to venture to, new level caps, new quests and new equipment. You can learn more about the expansion by visiting the Official Website.

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