The latest expansion pack for Astrum Studios and gPotato's Allods Online has gone live. The name of the expansion is Game of Gods and its the fifth volume pack in the game's short lifespan.

The latest expansion for Allods adds a host of cool features, ranging from social network support allowing gamers to integrate news and updates of their adventures to Facebook, as well as an increased level-cap to 51 for those of you hardcore adventurers out there who need to feel like you need to grow even stronger.

New weapons, new quests, new items, new crafting gear and new Astral territories have also been added. In addition to this, a brand new archetype has been added called "The Bard". Additional PVP arenas and raid instances have also been included.

The game is basically a free-to-play version of World of Warcraft with refined combat, animations, graphics and gameplay. There's also a whole new kind of team-adventuring mode where players put together a player-crew and venture into the Astral using giant ships. You can farm parts, upgrades and customization items for your Astral Ship by venturing to far off allods and defeating bosses and scavenging for loot.

You can download the game right now or learn more by paying a visit to the Official Website.

The Allods Online Volume 5: Game of Gods features in full:

• Level Cap increase to level 51: four new levels with three new zones providing solo, group and raid content, exploring deeper into storylines introduced in previous expansions.

• New Archetype: the Bard, four new classes provide support for their party and crippling crowd control and debuffs for groups of foes.

• Battlegrounds system: 12-a-side PvP with domination style mechanic, earn gold, exp, exclusive gear and more, available 20 times per day, from level 23 and above.

• New epic quest line to become a Great Mage and unlock the dual spec!

• New Raid: Dead City, 10 new raid encounters spread across three wings of this ancient and mysterious city.

• Social Media Integration: post to Facebook when you level up, complete World Mysteries, defeat a Raid and more.

• 4th layer of astral space: 15 new allods to explore and conquer, with all new landscapes, creatures and bosses to defeat.

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