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The upcoming aerial flight simulator from Gugila Games is starting to making headway in the design and development space, making advancements that gamers are sure to appreciate.

The developers recently made it known that they have joined Steam's Greenlight community and are seeking upvotes to help get the game approved to appear on Steam's store, even going as far as to giveaway free keys to anyone who upvotes them.

While some might view the tactic of free key giveaways in exchange for an upvote as “shady”, it's not a bad tactic for a company who has a cool game but no marketing budget to get the game out there. I mean, are we really expecting the Doritocracy to stop pushing the latest flavor of the week to talk about games that aren't pumping ad-revenue into the site in order for them to pay the bills to keep the lights on (or in the case of Destructoid, some of the lights on)?

It's a sad and self-fulfilling prophecy for a downward spiral into repetitive and rote mechanisms of an industry dead-set on meeting and maintaining a predisposed status quota.

Nevertheless, every once in a while we'll see a game like Altitude0: Lower & Faster make the rounds, mostly on the promise of being a good, fun game. Sometimes it's enough to coin a small niche audience to keep the developer alive, while other times it's barely enough to keep food on the table. There's no real guarantee in the gaming business – but then again, employment in certain countries has become more of an unpredictable gamble than hedging bets on which new shows Fox is likely to cancel the first season out.

Still, a lot of gamers love to know that some of these games exist. It may seem shady to have to entice gamers with free swag in order to get them to upvote your game, but when you're working on a $0 marketing budget and limited market visibility, you sort of have to do what you have to do to get your game seen.

As for Altitude0... I haven't played it, but it's definitely a game I would likely add to my ever-growing library of Steam titles. The gameplay seems to be similar to Sky Drift, but with slightly more realistic flight mechanics than the arcade, combat-aerial racer from Digital Reality.

If you're interested in seeing more multiplayer, aerial racing games on Steam, feel free to give Altitude0 an upvote or two over on the official Steam Greenlight page.

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