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With KickStarter going full-bloom as an opportunity for any and ever developer out there to take their ideas directly to the gamer in order to get funded, it's brought about a number of nifty ideas, creative ventures and original game designs. In some cases, it's about rekindling nostalgia for today's generation of technology.

The latest developer to fall humbly at the feet of gamers requesting funds to "kick-start" their project is SRRN Games. The name of the game is called Always Outnumbered and it's a unique RP-TDG, which is a role-playing tower-defense game.

The game itself sees players taking on the role of a young girl trying to survive in a dystopian wasteland. The future she lives in has humans always on the run desperately trying to fight for their own survival, thus players will be aiming to use whatever means possible to fight against the odds because they're always outnumbered.

Even with an interesting story-driven premise, the game's main meat and potatoes resides in the fully fleshed out competitive multiplayer. Yes, the game is a role-playing tower-defense, competitive multiplayer title as well, giving gamers a scrupulous amount of options, skills, tricks and traps to utilize against opponents in SRRN's dangerous, futuristic world.

There is a huge number of customizable towers, tools and skills at the disposal of gamers, allowing for players to battle in unpredictable, hard-as-nail scenarios where timing and strategy are key for securing victory. The game will supposedly pride itself on difficulty, the kind that drew us to gaming in the first place, as well as the kind of hardships that helped shape the Golden Era of gaming and define genres like never before.

Always Outnumbered is being designed with the Unity Engine, which is a good way to go for a small team. The funds will mostly be used to help SRRN and GO Gaming avoid going to publishers for funds and they can speed development along to hopefully get the project finished before the end of the year.

If the concept seems interesting to you then you can check out more by paying a visit to the Official KickStarter Page.

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