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The game where you play as a young toddler experiencing unimaginable horrors has reached it's Kickstarter goal and then some. After a month of gathering funds from the crowd, Krillbite Studios' interesting new survival title managed to accrue more than $248,000 on a set goal of only $200,000. Nice.

Quite naturally, it's a small team of members at Krillbite working hard to finish up Among the Sleep and get it out and onto a digital store shelf near you. The game itself is a very different take on the horror genre, which really seems to have taken off in the past year as huge genre revival thanks to crowd-funding.

Instead of the typical “investigate a haunted house”, players will actually start within a house and play as a young toddler. You will platform your way around in your spooky house, avoiding whatever it is that's chasing you...or looking for you...or trying to eat you. And you also get some neat first-person puzzles that seem to pick up a lot where Half-Life left off.

I have no idea if Among the Sleep will really breach through the market barriers and find a strong niche audience, but it has all the makings of a cult classic. A lot of it will depend on word of mouth advertising and whether Krillbite can bring it on home and hone in on a well crafted game with a plot that keeps the action moving along and gameplay that keeps the player engaged.

Among the Sleep is expected to arrive for PC and Mac later this year in December. You can learn more about the game or keep up to date with the progress of development by visiting the official Kickstarter page.

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