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The upcoming major update for IGG’s Angels Online is the Floating Island. A press release was sent out with detailed info regarding one of the new areas in the update called the Sunshine Palace.

According to the press release…
The holy Sunshine Palace has maintained its magnificent splendor even though several centuries have passed. The crystal clear river and the immaculate flower beds remind people of its past glory. A group of loyal palace guards still wander around the palace. In the very bowels of the palace, a throne cursed by a terrible magic power stands ion the way of all who wish to pass. But why? What are they trying to protect? Some unknown secrets or treasures? And where is the ancient dragon?

Getting to the palace is no easy task, though. Players will have to venture through the Dragon Fields, a mysterious den in the desert; the Hermit Wetland, a place filled with monstrous hordes; and the Flower Corridor, a beautiful yet deadly place leading to the Sunshine Palace.

You can check out the full details for the Floating Island update by visiting the Official Angels Online Website.

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