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Angry Birds 2 from Rovio is slated for release on Android and iOS devices come July 30th at the end of the month. The game is the official sequel to Angry Birds, which seems to have enough spin-offs to actually qualify as sequels.

The teaser trailer for the new game can be viewed below.

Digital Trends did a lengthy write-up on the upcoming game without providing any details on the actual game itself.

Based on Rovio's history with experimenting with the Angry Birds property it's not outside the realm of possibilities to expect something completely different from the original title, which was basically a trajectory-based puzzle game. However, given that it's just Angry Birds 2 the game might be slightly more traditional than their other efforts, which have recently included racing games like Angry Birds Race, spin-offs like Angry Birds: Stella and Angry Birds: Space, and other wacky cross-branded content like Angry Birds: Star Wars and Angry Birds: Transformers.

Digital Trends points to the sequel's previous title of Angry Birds: Under Pigstruction, which seems to give the hint that the game may have been focused around deconstructing objects or buildings built by the Pigs.

Over on their official website, Rovio did reveal a few details of what would be included in the Under Pigstruction game, which recently had a soft launch in Canada back in March. They noted that the slingshot gameplay would be returning but that things would be different this time around with unique new structures being erected by the Pigs. Structures, I might add, that are designed for the Angry Birds to tear down.

Some of the new gameplay features will include bird spells and bird cards. I imagine that the specialty items will be relegated to the cash shop to give gamers a reason to spend some coin on Rovio's upcoming title.

As for whether or not the true sequel will top a billion downloads like its predecessor remains to be seen.

According to a report by Reuters from back in spring of this year, it was revealed that Rovio is on a steep decline, financially. They haven't been making as much in licensing revenue as they did five years ago, and they've continued to slip when it comes to bringing in bucks based on the Angry Birds brand. They're hoping things turn around with the movie next year, and a precursor to that momentum could be built on Angry Birds 2.

However, Rovio has yet to hit lightning in a bottle for a second time with the Angry Birds brand. That's not to say that they still aren't making money on mobile titles, it's just that the initial spark that made the series so popular has faded. We'll see if momentum picks back up with the release of Angry Birds 2.

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