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If you thought Angry Birds was just some massive mobile gaming fad, think again. The series is about to take off in ways you just didn’t think imaginable, including an Angry Birds 3D and a new film that could potentially be the start of a series of Angry Bird movies.

During the Keynote speech at this year’s 3D Gaming Summit in Hollywood, California, Rovio’s David Maisel, the creator of Angry Birds, talked about the future of popularized casual games becoming long-lasting franchises, as well as the future of his hugely popular casual title, Angry Birds.

Maisel was asked if Angry Birds would eventually crossover into 3D space and he answered, saying…”obviously it’s a no brainer.” He briefly talked about the film based on the physics-oriented game, saying that he wanted “…to create a good movie that happens to be coming from a game.”

I can easily imagine the movie being on the line of Rio or something like that. I also doubt it’s the sort of property Pixar would touch, though Dreamworks would probably clamor all over it. We’ll keep you posted on any further news regarding Angry Birds 3D and the game-based movie.