Soon you'll be able to fling birds through the dark void of space. Today Rovio Mobile revealed the first teaser trailer for Angry Birds Space, a new entry in their popular puzzle game series.

"It's one small fling for a bird," states the trailer. "One quantum leap for birdkind."

The video doesn't revealed a whole lot. It does point viewers toward a new teaser site, but that's not much help either. It simply shows a slingshot on a moon.

In Angry Birds, players fling birds at structures in an effort to kill all the pigs hiding inside. Bonus points are doled out by using as few birds as possible and causing as much destruction as possible. Space likely won't deviate from this formula too much, as it's proven hugely popular.

Rovio says that the game will be released on March 22nd. Platforms weren't specified. However, the original game debuted on iOS so I'd imagine mobile phone users will get it first.

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