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You know what the world of mobile fantasy MMO's has been missing? Pets. You know what Arcane Legends offers that no other mobile fantasy MMO offers?You're dang right, it's pets! Developer Spacetime Studios today announced that their upcoming game will feature some critter companions in a “meaningful pet system that significantly deepens the game's combat mechanics and character development.

Neither a release date nor a price point have been revealed for Arcane Legends, but we can at least rest assured in the knowledge that our next adventure into the world of epic fantasy will be with magical and ferocious bet at our side. According to Spacetime's pet-centric announcemtn, these lil fellas won't just be a cosmetic collectable, but they'll also engage in combat and perform various actions based on their skill sets and unique bonuses. They'll level up alongside the player, taking on the role of everything from roasting baddies to granting buffs or gathering loot. Kind of like Pokemon, the trick will be knowing which pet will best suit a given situation.

“The inclusion of a meaningful and fully interactive pet system is a major step for the mobile MMO genre,” said Spacetime CEO Gary Gattis. “We set out to create an emotional relationship with a significant gameplay mechanic. In Arcane Legends, pets are a major aspect of a character's identity, growth and capabilities.”

But you don't have to be worried about being tied down to just one Old Yeller while adventuring in the wilderness. Around 40 pets (complete with their own strengths and weaknesses) will be available when the game finally launches with more planned as future DLC.

So, for the time being, you might want to start thinking about some wicked-cool pet names. It looks like you're going to have quite the collection of companions to christen when Arcane Legends makes it to market.

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