Webzen let loose some additional trailers for their Call of Duty clone, Arctic Combat. The game is exceptionally crude looking, with the basic weapon loadouts, fast-paced FPS action and icy-arenas working to goad players into the deathmatch oriented gameplay.

Two of the trailers center around the game's uninteresting story about Russian and the United States army doing battle over Arctic territory (and of course, it has to be Russia and the USA because in the history of projectile-based wars, no other country apparently has gone head-to-head in war except for the United States and Russia). If you can get past the antediluvian storyline you'll find that the game itself is practically one of the many long lost cousins of Call of Duty.

It's hard to imagine this game being any different from other CoD clones. We have Metro Conflict: Presto, Warface, Genesis A.D., Tactical Intervention, Shadow Company and countless others all dabbling in the free-to-play MOFPS genre, aiming to get a few extra bucks from eager shooter fans who are either bored with Call of Duty or can't afford it anymore.

If you're still excited to play this free-to-play shooting clone and haven't grown tired of the genre, feel free to learn more by paying a visit to the game's Official Website.

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