Bohemia Interactive sent out 10 new screenshots for their military sim shooter ArmA 3 today. They show heavily-armed soldiers operating in the air, on the ground and under the sea.

ArmA 3 takes place on the Aegean islands of Limnos and Stratis in the Mediterranean. Iran is mounting an invasion and players take on the role of NATO forces trying to stop them. Players will take part in operations large and small, and use a variety of weapons and equipment.

The island environments make ArmA 3 an ideal game to debut underwater environments. Players will be able to use scuba gear as well as submersible vehicles. Maybe you'll get one of those little spearguns, too?

ArmA 3 won't be the absolute best-looking game on the market but the game's tech is impressive nonetheless. For example, it features draw distances of up to 20 kilometers so you can spot enemy forces from far, far away. It's a key part of Bohemia's effort to create a believable open-world environment for players.

Bohemia plans to release ArmA 3 next year on the PC.

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