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Turbine Entertainment has resurrected their fantasy MMORPG Asheron's Call 2. The once-defunct MMO is now available for the current subscribers of the first Asheron's Call.

Asheron's Call 2 was released in 2002, three years after the original game launched. The sequel was successful enough to spawn an expansion pack, Legions. However, the improved graphics and updated gameplay mechanics of AC2 weren't enough to retain subscribers. Turbine shut down AC5 at the end of 2005.

The relaunched AC2 is available on one server, Dawnsong. The game has passed some initial tests by Turbine but some issues will still remain. The developer considers the relaunch to be in beta for the time being. Servers may be taken down for maintenance or other issues on short notice. Furthermore, friends lists aren't working at the moment.

The other catch is that, if you played AC2 back in the day, your old character won't be waiting for you. Turbine hasn't saved any of the old character data. You didn't really think they were going to hang onto that data on the off-chance that they'd relaunch the game seven years later, though, did you?

It's not clear if AC2's resurrection is temporary or permanent. Perhaps Turbine is exploring the possibility of bringing it back as a subscription-optional game with microtransactions. Or maybe this is just a limited time opportunity for AC players to explore the forgotten sequel.

Asheron's Call subscribers can head to the Turbine forums to find the download link for the AC2 client.