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During E3 there are so many different products, games, hardware devices and peripherals that are released, announced, teased, showcased and promoted at the event that it becomes impossible to cover it all. Sometimes some really neat gadgets, gizmos and gaming gear gets swept under the rug of news coverage after all the dust is settled and everyone has packed up their bags and gone home. Well, that's sort of what happened with Asus and their two new mobile gaming devices, the G550JK laptop and the GX500 notebook.

Briefly I remember seeing something about Asus having plans to announce and release new devices this summer, but after all the media coverage for every other big game out there I definitely forgot to keep tabs on their new gear.

Well, the company is sending out reminders that they actually have two new gaming devices that they announced this summer, and that is the aforementioned G550JK and GX500.

The G550JK is labeled as an ultrabook. It's designed to be small, portable and utilitarian, while also offering decent gaming capabilities. It sports an i7-4700 processor with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 800M graphics processor. Also, it comes with dual fans because we all know how hot those Nvidia mobile chips get (having gone through more than a handful of burned out GPUs after they were put under heavy load).

The G550JK comes with an SSD for data storage and access and a supposed GPU tweak using TurboMaster technology.

The G550JK ultrabook will run you a breezy bit over $1,200. Hey, on the bright side at least it supports 1080p gaming.

The GX500 is absolutely beast. Right off the bat Asus touts the power of unparalleled graphics and performance stability all at 3840 x 2160... if that resolution doesn't look familiar to you, it's better known in most media enthusiast circles as 4K resolution.

Utilizing VisualMaster technology with direct bonded LCD quantum dot tech enables for better images, better contrast and higher fidelity output.

The GX500 sports an i7 quad-core processor with a GTX 860M GPU and 16GB of DDR3 RAM. It also houses M.2 PCIe SSDs for fast response and load times.

Unlike the G550JK, the GX500 is currently not available on the retail market just yet. According to the product page listing, it appears as if the ultra thin laptop – which weighs in at only 2KG and is only 0.7 inches thick – won't be available until some time deeper into the fall season. Basically you'll have to wait somewhere between mid September and October.

Given how expensive the G550JK is, I don't expect the GX500 to be available for anything less than $1,500, and it's more than likely going to run you close to $2,000. One of the nearest brands to the GX500, the G750JS, will run you $1,599.

The GX500 sports a 15.6 inch screen and audio powered by B&O ICEPower.

You can keep an eye out for the GX500 when it goes live some time this fall. The G550JK is available right now from select retailers. You can learn more by paying a visit to the official Asus website.

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