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There has been a flood of first-person horror, psychological-thriller and ambient-fright inducers as of late. Joining the likes of already highly anticipated games such as Montas and Routine is Senscape's first-person adventure into madness, Asylum.

The game really does play vile and wild tricks on your senses and it would be another one of those perfect games to make use of the Oculus Rift if the developers ever decided to take their fascination with horror to that degree.

Asylum is about a lone dude who ends up at the Hanwell Mental Institute and decides to do some classical exploration and investigation into some of the horrors that have been taking place at the disturbing home of the insane and truly disturbed. To give you an idea of what to expect from the game, check out some of the gameplay footage from the demo below.

Looks pretty sick. The visuals are extremely dense. Very good use of the shaders, lighting decay and shadows. Again, I know I say it often but you really don't need $10 million to make a convincing, visually gripping game in any genre, it just takes a good amount of skill, know-how and the right kind of talent to bring the ideas to life. And it doesn't matter how much money some publishers throw at a project, you can't buy creativity.

The game will support full voice acting, more than 100 different rooms to explore, 15 hours of gameplay and full-on HD graphics.

If horror, psychological thrills and exploration is something you seek out of your interactive entertainment adventures, feel free to pass an up-vote the way of Senscape for their title Asylum.

With or without Steam, the game is scheduled to launch in early 2013 for PC. You can visit the Official Website for an additional teaser trailer or learn more about the game on the official Steam greenlight page.

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