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Stoic Studios' upcoming turn-based RPG The Banner Saga has a cool little spinoff called The Banner Saga: Factions. The latter is a multiplayer based component used to help flesh out the combat and turn-based mechanics for the full game, the real game, The Banner Saga. A new video was released showcasing how some of the classes and combat play out for the upcoming title.

The Banner Saga is one of many successfully Kickstarted games that puts players in a completely different play environment. Players will join a Viking-inspired tribe and aim to move their tribe through the hostile landscape, increasing fame, fortune and honor along the way. Check out how that all plays out in the multiplayer component of Banner Saga: Factions.

It's crazy but I've never been more excited about the gaming industry than I have in the last couple of months. With upcoming games like StarForge, DayZ, Project CARS, The Banner Saga and Edge of Space, I've grown entirely fascinated with the indie community bringing forward great looking games with thought-provoking or emergent, creative gameplay working at the core. It's so sad that there are no mainstream AAA games that come remotely close to what's being offered (and what's coming) in the indie sector.

If you really dig the art-style, the awesome rotoscoping-style animations and the turn-based combat and strategy of the game, you can sign-up for the beta of The Banner Saga: Factions right now by paying a visit to the Official Website.

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