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I have to admit, Facebook is definitely get an upgrade in their game selections. And Facebookie fans who have grown tired of cheesy, low-rent games such as Battle for Survival or Mafia Wars can up their ante with a brand new 3D battleground game called Battle Punks.

According to the press release…
Using all-new graphics technologies to fully immerse social players in a virtual world of combat and conquest, Battle Punks redefines the aesthetic of gaming on social networks. From the beautifully rendered environments and character models, to the smallest weapons and loot items, players will find something new at every turn.

The game looks and sounds interesting and I’m sure fighting fans are remotely intrigued at the concept of battling friends The Warriors-style on Facebook. Am I right, am I right?

Anyway, Battle Punks is currently in open beta and live over on Facebook. Be sure to visit the Official Page for more information.

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