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EA's newest game in the Battlefield series isn’t Battlefield 3 but rather an online MMO rendition of the popular first-person military shooter called Battlefield Play4Free. The game is a mix of Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 2. The only downside is that the game doesn’t feature destructible environments…but that’s what Battlefield 3 is for.

The game offers up a handful of playable classes, each of which can be upgraded and outfitted with a wide range of various weapons. The team-based shooter -- much like other MOFPS games out there – features cash shop goodies, unlockables and plenty of maps to unleash some righteous fury on suspecting and unsuspecting foes.

There are also more than 16 different vehicles in the game available for gamers to use at their own discretion, ranging from helicopters and boats, to jeeps, transport trucks and even tanks. Anyone interested in having a little tactical combat fun will probably more than likely enjoy Battlefield Play4Free. You can start downloading the client and playing the game, for free, right now, by visiting the Official Website.