Dang you EA...DANG YOU! Trying to boycott you is next to nigh impossible if you're going to keep publishing and backing games that are fun to play with extensive, in-depth features that keep bringing gamers back for more...dang you to Tartarus!

All right, so we've already established that EA is pretty much evil incarnate. However, that doesn't stop them from pouring money into games we love to play and pouring even more money into gameplay features that we adore from our games. With that said, EA and DICE have announced that weapon customization is now a fully functional feature in the free-to-play online shooter, Battlefield Play4Free. This means you can deck your gun (and soldier) out in any way you see fit.

I don't need to waste a lot of words on what's going into the game, you can check that out for yourself in the new promotional trailer for Battlefield Play4Free below.

As I said...dang you EA for publishing such great games. It's this sort of BS that enables them to keep pulling strings on gamers like we were puppets...always dancing to their tune of profiteering.

Anyway, Battlefield Play4Free is basically a shooting version of Need for Speed Online...both games are free and both games offer gamers nearly limitless amounts of gameplay. You can learn more about the game or start playing right now by visiting the Official Website.

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