Have you ever wanted to jump into the world of a video game? Ever wondered what that sort of a journey might actually be like; a world where monsters are real and your hit points dwindling to zero is a legitimate game over? That’s the sort of conundrum presented in the novel, “Bedlam,” and it’s the exact same situation players will find themselves in while tackling the companion game by the same name, coming to Steam Early Access on Aug. 8.

Earlier this year, author Christopher Brookmyre released his newest novel, “Bedlam,” which focuses on the story of Ross Baker and his journey into the world of video games. In the book, Ross signs on to take part in an experimental brain scanning procedure. When he wakes up, though, he finds himself stuck in the world of Starfire, a violent FPS he was addicted to as a teenager. Ross’ journey takes him to other games from his youth, desperate to survive and, more importantly, find a way out.

Bedlam, the game, takes a similar approach, this time dropping players into the role of Heather Quinn, a computer programmer. She also finds herself stuck in the Starfire video game and, like Ross, must find a way out. The player will come across the novel’s protagonist throughout the game, with their stories weaving together to create the full narrative.

For fans of mid-90’s video games, the immediate inspirations for Starfire should become apparent, with heavy nods to series like Doom and Wolfenstein. While the entire Bedlam experience takes place in the first person, however, the player will be journeying to other video game genres throughout the campaign, all of which should harken back to familiar titles of yesteryear.

RedBedlam announced today that the game version of Bedlam will be available for Mac and PC via Steam Early Access next Friday, Aug. 8. This pre-launch portion of the game will grant access to two worlds, including Starfire and Death or Glory, for a grand total of 12 levels of nostalgic tomfoolery. RedBedlam said that this content will equate to about a third of the game’s total runtime.

As for the shift in protagonists, the developers stated a desire to take players away from the norm for first-person shooters—i.e. a random white dude—in order to play the role of a female. Their hope is that this shift will “offer a fresh and bitingly humorous new perspective upon the ‘gameverse’ that the player will explore.”

For more details, check out the Bedlam official website.

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