Mac gamers won't miss out on BioShock Infinite. Aspyr Media announced today that they're releasing a port of Infinite this summer.

BioShock and BioShock 2 were released on Mac so an Infinite port isn't a big shock. However, this Mac release is much prompter. The first two BioShock games didn't hit the Mac until two years after their initial PC and console launch.

"We are incredibly excited to bring the latest version of BioShock, one of the industry's most critically acclaimed and beloved franchises, to the Mac." said Michael Rogers, president of Aspyr Media. "We pride ourselves on bringing the very best in gaming to the Mac, and that’s exactly what Mac owners will get with Irrational Games’ masterfully-crafted BioShock Infinite."

Aspyr is giving out a free copies of Infinite through their digital distribution platform GameAgent. They'll give out one copy per week until the end of May. For a shot at a free copy, like GameAgent on Facebook. You'll then be prompted to fill out an entry form so you can become a GameAgent member.

BioShock Infinite takes place in the year 1912. Booker DeWitt, former soldier and Pinkerton agent, is in serious debt. He's forced to take an unusual assignment: travel to the sky-city of Columbia and rescue a woman named Elizabeth. To complete the job, Booker will have to fight the city's two warring factions, as well as a mysterious flying beast called the Songbird.

Infinite will debut on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC next week.

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