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This Bioshock Infinite Settlement In Fallout 4 Is Pretty Amazing

One look at this impressive Fallout 4 settlement and you have to wonder where people find the time to build creations like this in a virtual world. Minecraft is certainly evidence of creativity out of control. But sometimes, people create something truly wondrous and magnificent. You can view the Fallout 4 rendition of the floating city in Bioshock Infinite below.

If you aren’t familiar with Fallout 4’s settlement tools, you’re really missing out. In Fallout 4, the player can build and maintain what are called “settlements” within the Commonwealth. The player can use the workshop interface to create buildings by choosing particular walls, floorings, furniture, roof types—you name it. If you’re too lazy or impatient, you can just choose plain structures that have already been built for you. Once built, then you have to choose the wallpaper and the roof tiles and the fabric, it’s a lengthy process very much like beginning life in The Sims. Players can create to their little heart’s desire. So you can imagine players can get mighty creative in crafting their own home base. One user has even made an AT-AT from Star Wars.

Twitter user Girlplaysgame and creator of the Bioshock Infinite settlement shared her creation on Twitter tagging Bioshock developer, Irrational Games, and it certainly got their attention.

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To build something as detailed and as intricate as the floating city in Bioshock Infinite is quite a feat. You can see in the video all of the incredible detail, from the vibrant Bioshock artwork on the walls to the patriotic flags and colors that were present in Bioshock Infinite. Structures like this truly are a work of art.

If I ever had the time to dedicate to creating such a structure in any game, whether it be Fallout 4 or Minecraft, you know I would probably recreate the town of Silent Hill. I would aim to replicate the eerie environment and its infamous landmarks like the school and the hospital. Maybe in another lifetime. You can see many more amazing creations in this article.