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Zombie Studios released a new developer diary that goes into further detail on the Blacklight: Retribution customization features, including the extended options available for customizing each and every gun on the game as well as the character that the gun is attached to.

Some of the new additions to Blacklight: Retribution's includes additional team-based items, the ability to repair objects, additional heavy weapons and even the option to play as a female. Check it out below.

If the above looked too tempting to pass up and to too tantalizing to overlook, then stop hesitating, make some room on your PC and sign-up to participate in the closed-beta to get some first-hand gameplay experience with Perfect World and Zombie Studios' upcoming free-to-play online FPS, Blacklight: Retribution. It's too bad the sequel is no longer multiplatform but maybe if Retribution does well we could be seeing the third game back on home consoles.

You can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the Official Website.