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NCSoft released the official OBT trailer for the Korean launch of Blade & Soul. The trailer is a remarkable combination of truly next-gen gameplay features, mixing in traditional open-world, MMO concepts with state-of-the-art combat mechanics and fighting abilities.

Team Bloodlust really knocked it out of the ballpark when it comes to the combat in Blade & Soul. Without a shadow of a doubt, this game is on my must-play list. I can't even think of the last non-MMO action game that gave us combat as dynamic and cinematic as what's featured in Blade & Soul...although, I'm sure many of you will point to Asura's Wrath and God of War, but I guess I'm just thrilled that the combat isn't just a collection of quick-time events. Check it out below, courtesy of Dual Shockers.

Another thing: are the graphics not insane or what? Wow.

For an MMO I love that they really pushed the limits with Blade & Soul. The actual gameplay even looks like it came out of a cinematic, which just adds to the immersion and atmosphere of the game's aesthetic.

The only problem that I could see being a real turnoff to a lot of level-headed gamers is the absolutely massive over-sexualization of the female avatars. It's like the animation team walked into a room full of water balloons and said "Ah-ha! We've got it!"

Nevertheless, Blade & Soul could potentially usher in a new wave of dynamic, action-oriented MMOs and I can't wait see how the game plays in its finished form. You can learn more by visiting the Official Blade & Soul Community Website. We'll keep you posted on when the game will launch Stateside.

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