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Blizzard has unveiled the third of five character classes for the action RPG Diablo 3. Joining the Witch Doctor and the Barbarian in the dark dungeons will be the Wizard, a sexy spellcaster able to mow down hordes of enemies with a single incantation.

To coincide with the announcement at BlizzCon, Blizzard also launched a website for the new character class with screenshots, a trailer (posted below for your convenience), and enough lore to make a Dungeon Master blush.

The first half of the trailer is a cut scene but the second half is all gameplay footage. The Wizard has a variety of spells at her command, allowing her to rip through a line of enemies with a lightning bolt or create mirror images of herself to distract foes. The video also shows off the possibilities of Diablo 3's destructible environments; the Wizard zaps a pillar with a red beam, causing the pillar to collapse and send rocks tumbling down on her hapless foes.

The Blizzard website also has a few short video clips showing off more of the Wizard's spells, such as Teleport or Slow Time. Check them out if you have the time. No word on when the other two classes will be revealed but Blizzard is probably going to keep slowly rolling them out to keep our attention until the game is released sometime in 2009 (hopefully).

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