In a few weeks, Blizzard will begin to sell tickets for the seventh annual BlizzCon. Fans of Diablo, StarCraft and WarCraft will have three different opportunities to secure entry to the gaming convention.

Tickets for BlizzCon 2013 will cost $175. That's the same price they were back in 2011 as well. It's still an expensive weekend but I'm glad Blizzard didn't decide to hike up the price. Considering the rabid fanbase they have, they could easily do it.

The tickets will be sold through The first batch will go on sale on Wednesday, April 24th at 7 PM Pacific. Blizzard will sell the second batch on April 27th at 10 AM Pacific.

If you don't get tickets on either of those days, you'll have one more way to get into the convention center. On May 1st, Blizzard will sell 200 tickets to a BlizzCon Benefit Dinner. These tickets, priced at $500 apiece, give you access to BlizzCon and also allow you to attend a dinner with Blizzard employees on the night before BlizzCon 2013. Proceeds will go to the Children's Hospital of Orange County.

Blizzard will once again be offering a "Virtual Ticket" to the convention as well. Gamers across the world will be able to watch live coverage of the event over the Internet. The price wasn't announced today. Back in 2011, it was $39.99.

BlizzCon 2013, occurring November 8th and 9th at the Anaheim Convention Center, is a celebration of Blizzard's games. Players can get hands-on time with upcoming titles such as Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, attend discussion panels, participate in contests and more. The convention will host the StarCraft 2 World Championship Series Global Finals, in which the best SC2 players from across the globe will battle for supremacy.

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