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The most violent game of football is set to return to the PC as Blood Bowl 2 prepares for an opening drive into retail sometime in the coming months. To help tide would be gridiron warriors over until they can finally get their hands on the game, though, the developers have released a pair of screenshots showing off the first playable team, “fully modelled and animated,” the humans' Reikland Reavers.

Based on the Warhammer universe, the original Blood Bowl asked the question: What would these Space Marines and Orcs do to keep themselves busy in the absence of a centuries-old, blood-soaked intergalactic war? The answer, of course, is play football.

With Blood Bowl 2 well underway in development at Cyanide Studio, the team has now unleashed the first official screenshots from the upcoming game, showing off the fan-favorite Reavers.

“As you can see, the human players have the honor of entering the pitch first and will also be the stars of the massive solo campaign in Blood Bowl 2 as you lead the legendary Reikland Reavers and experience an epic saga packed with risk, dangers and spectacular matches on the way to winning the Blood Bowl,” reads the announcement from Cyanide. “These two screenshots (seen above and below) show the human, Blitzer, one of the most versatile players on the human teams, in action and ready to face whatever the opposing team can throw at him.”

I'm not one to get too excited over promotional images, but the series has a good underground following, so I'm sure getting a gander at these shiny warriors of the pitch is making someone's day out there. I mean, check out all of those spikes on their uniforms. Nifty, right? Hell, even the ball is covered in three-inch bits of pointy death. I'm not sure how that guy is even kicking the ball. Wouldn't it just, you know, stick to his foot and cause immense pain? But I guess that's the risk you take when you're playing a game as deadly as Blood Bowl.

For fans of the series, you'll be happy to know that Blood Bowl 2, along with those new graphics being shown off today, hosts a bevvy of new features for both single and multiplayer modes, making the game more accessible for first-timers while simultaneously deepening the gameplay for longtime vets.

“The stunning and ambitious Solo campaign puts players at the head of one of the most famous teams in Blood Bowl's universe, who will compete in some original and truly unique matches to take their team to the top,” said Cyanide. “League mode allows players to manage their own team, club and even stadium, as all of these features are fully modular.”

The team promises to soon reveal some “substantial and striking innovations” for the multiplayer mode, for those who prefer to take their game online. Look for it on PC later this year.

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