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Two new video interviews surfaced detailing the gameplay mechanics, the weapons, the skills and the characters for Gearbox Software's upcoming first-person shooter RPG, Borderlands 2.

The two videos come courtesy of GameTrailers who talked with producer Matt Charles and creative director Paul Hellquist, as they lay out a lot of Borderlands 2 features including how the weapon manufacturers will have a much stronger presence in the world this time around, as well as a bigger focus on the different distinctions between each weapon company. Characters will also have a bit more of a story surrounding their evolution throughout the game that players will shape. You can check out the interviews below.

If you're like me than you're probably pretty excited about this game, as it's basically the gun-version of Diablo III without the always-on DRM. For now Gearbox has been rather vague about just how many guns and gun variations will be in the game but based on what little they've shown off it appears that the weapons will be extremely varied.

You can look for Borderlands 2 to land on store shelves for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on September 21st. You can check out some of the PC-centric features right here or if you need more info you can feel free to hit up the Official Website.

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