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Today the Borderlands series made its debut on mobile devices. Borderlands Legends can be purchased through the iTunes App Store for use on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

Legends stars the four playable characters from the first Borderlands: Brick, Mordecai, Lilith and Roland. Each character has a distinct set of abilities to choose from. As they level up, they'll have access to even more.

The game's missions are randomized so you'll never experience the exact same challenge twice. Players will have to fend off Skags, Psychos and other enemies. These enemies will drop "bazillions" of randomly generated weapons and items for you to use.

The price of the game varies depending on what device you plan on playing it on. The iPhone and iPod Touch edition is $4.99. If you'd prefer to play on the iPad, that'll cost you $6.99.

Legends has only been announced for iOS devices. However, 2K and Gearbox said today that other mobile platforms may receive it in the future as well.