Remember Milo for what was then called Project Natal? You know, that game from Peter Molyneux that was supposed to change the world? Well, another game with similar ambitions has been unveiled, but unlike Milo & Kate this new game, Bot Colony, actually works and to prove it there is an 18 minute in-game demo available.

North Side has recently released a new tech demo for the featuring a lot of a working prototype featuring Jimmy the AI in a home where he can interact with the environment and the user via vocal commands. Check it out below.

I'm surprised that it works as well as it does.

Jimmy responds in a very robotic but intelligent way. Many of the questions were answered quite appropriately and I have absolutely no idea how the designers managed to get the AI so responsive and inquisitive. I loved the way Jimmy responded and asked independent questions in some scenarios. Pretty groovy stuff right there.

I'm curious how the actual game will evolve and what sort of game this may eventually turn into. Of course, this is just a tech demo right now and there's no telling if anything will actually come out of this in the long run but from what they have this is impressive nonetheless.

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