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Box Art For Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Over at the official Call of Duty website fans of the series got a chance to see and vote on the box art for the new game. Lots of people responded in the forums, voicing their opinions and making suggestions since July, when the five preliminary ideas were brought forth. The end result of this can be seen below.

What came from a month of deliberation is a grayed-out picture of a guy looking really serious or totally bored with the fact that he’s in a war. Aside from the more up-to-date weapon at hand, the box art doesn’t truly capture the “modern” aspect of Modern Warfare. Not to be cynical of a game that will probably be a really awesome and topical entry into the war game genre, but with a picture like this it’s easy to think the game will be just another shooter. And really, what’s so modern about a guy running through the mud? Show him riding a Hummer past some oil fields and thinking about the logical conundrum he’s in and then I’ll think it’s modern day.

(Ed. Note: When sitting in the blue room on the Crash map I’m often contemplating the purpose of my squad as we continually kill dudes in berets. Then I pull out my iPhone and blog about it at, and throw a few grenades.)