A new app from 51 Minds Entertainment and TouchFrame, Braindex lets you play a trivia game in a live TV show type environment, right from the comfort of your Apple handset. The new app has you testing your wits and brains against celebrities...as if that really means anything about the verification of your mental aptitude.

Looking for validation about your knowledge regarding things by out-smarting the likes of Mike Tyson or Jason Mewes is a poor way to feel good about yourself, but it may not be a bad way to stay entertained. If you're into quiz shows, and you're into feeling one inch closer to celebrities, Braindex is kind of a no brainer app to have.

Now if that video above and the previous two paragraphs didn't do a very good job of summing the game up, maybe Sam Rogoway, CEO of TouchFrame can help persuade you, as he commented in the press release, saying...
“Gaming and Entertainment are the most popular app categories, so merging the two is a natural evolution for the marketplace,”. “So much attention is misplaced on ‘second screen’ apps, which leave a lot to be desired. Checking into a show is just not enough. We treat tablets and smartphones as ‘first screens’ and allow users to watch, play, and compete against friends – all from the same screen.”

“We are excited to make history with the launch of Braindex, but this is just the beginning,”... “From TV hitmakers to top YouTube channels, we are building a network of App Shows with amazing content partners.”

You can snag the Braindex app right now and grab a digital copy off of the iTunes app store, or if you're keen on learning more before making the financial plunge, feel free to visit the official website.

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