All right, so what if I told you there's a game where you can build bridges and watch things cross over them and travel under them? Sounds awesome right? Well, it gets better because this game is real and it's looking for support. So who's up for building some bridges? Can I get some hands in the air?

Chronic Logic plopped Bridge It on Steam's Greenlight service to garner a bit of attention and hopefully get some votes to become a legitimate game on Steam's store. If the game seems puzzling to you, don't sweat it, just check out some of the high-octane action in the video below.

That part where the boat just runs right through the bridge, that was so freaking amazing! At first I thought the boat captain was going to stop the boat, but that dude drunk a bottle of “I don't care, I'm gonna wreck this s**t!” and just barreled right through that bridge like Nick Hogan gets people paralyzed in his Toyota Supra.

The other cool part was the train that had no idea that the bridge wasn't going to be able to support it on the structure and just tanked right then and there. Man, you just don't get that kind of unscripted goodness in games anymore.

If you want to try your hand at designing bridges and watching innocent people drown or fall off cliffs due to your reckless architectural designs, feel free to give Bridge It and upvote and favorite over on the official Steam Greenlight page.

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