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We've previously talked about path tracing and ray-tracing tech here at Gaming Blend, but it was always so far off from real-time application to anything meaningful that it was more like “Oh hey, look at this cool thing that you won't see in real-world simulations for video games for years to come.” Well, that all changes with the latest iteration of the Brigade Engine.

Hayssam Keilany, best known for his amazing work with Rockstar's Advanced Game Engine and their shader technology that he dubs the iCEnhancer, has showcased the latest progress on the independent design engine, the Brigade.

The engine's biggest obstacle was overcoming the framerate issues and maintaining parity in runtime environments, which was a pretty big issue back in the summer of 2012. In just over eight months the team has managed to stabilize framerates and get the engine running properties that look like a million bucks.

The next step would be to apply some real-world gameplay functions so we can see how this engine can be utilized for something fully playable (and maybe within this generation of PC gaming).

You can learn more about the Brigade path tracing engine by paying a visit to the Official Website.

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