Masterminding one of the biggest party cities in the country just got a whole lot easier as G5 Entertainment announces a week-long promotion offering their hit city-building/time management game, Build It! Miami Beach Resort, for zero dollars. Anyone short on cash and looking for a free game to flesh out their mobile library might want to grab the title while they can.

To be clear, we’re not talking about the lite version of the game here. This is the full version of Miami Beach Resort, free of charge, between now and Jan. 26. The game is ready to roll on a plethora of mobile platforms, including iOS, Google Play, Kindle Fire and the Nook. Have all of those devices readily available? Go crazy and download it for all of them. We won’t tell.

For fans of the time management and city-building genres, you have a pretty good idea of what you’re getting into with Build It! Miami Beach Resort. You’ll start off with limited funds and resources and have to determine where to focus your efforts in order to craft your resort into the type of beachfront paradise you want to call home.

The MBR campaign consists of 60 levels, each one covering a single year of your character’s life in the resort business. The initial setting is the 1920’s, where you’ll begin your journey with some basic bungalows.

“As you advance, you will get to construct glittering hotels, fabulous restaurants and chic boutiques, but you’ll also need to manage repairs, deliveries, remodeling and much more,” reads the announcement from G5. “Design everything you can imagine on a big scrollable map and ensure that your vibrant city offers diversity, arts, culture, fashion and gastronomy.”

As you progress in the game, you’ll be required to complete a growing number of construction tasks, as well as achieve three goals per in-game year. You’ll have to figure out a good balance of amenities and money-making ventures, too. For instance, parks, volleyball courts and recreation facilities won’t generate revenue on their own, but they’ll provide more and more reasons for tourists to visit your resorts, bringing additional money to your other establishments. According to G5, you’ll “have to plan ahead to make your resort both profitable and attractive.”

Along with the game’s 60 levels, there are 32 achievements to unlock, 18 buildings to construct and a massive map for you to expand your resort empire.

Even if you’ve never given the genre a try, this one might be worth a look-see, as it’s free for a week across just about every mobile device known to man. Check it out for iOS or Google Play, or simply look up Build It! Miami Beach Resort on your Nook or Kindle.

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